Twice – Omg amazing shopping app

Have you guys heard about the amazing deals people are getting from Twice??
FREE or really cheap hand bags! FREE $10  when you sign up under this link! Also, 50% off of your entire purchase when downloading the Android app or another FREE $10 when you download the app on an iPhone.

I bought a Coach purse that I am in loveeeeee with for only $35.00! They guarantee authenticity and will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied.  I will update this when I get my purse to show you pics.  This is what was listed on the site
After my $10.00 credit and half off discount I only paid $35! Eeeeek I have died and gone to handbag heaven! They have a wide range of bags for as low as ten dollars! Now I am drooling over a Michael kors bag. This might be a new addiction!

UPDATE: I got my bag and I love it, it was in almost perfect condition besides one tiny stain in the lining.  That’s okay with me, I got a killer deal!  Check it out 🙂 2014-09-19 16.48.04

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