InstaNatural Seaweed Mask

I love face masks with a passion so I was excited to try InstaNatural’s Seaweed mask.

I was surprised how LARGE of a container this comes in (1.5lbs). Which is awesome because not only can you use this for a facial mask you can use this for body wraps as well giving yourself a full spa like experience.


This is completely organic and 100 percent natural. Why seaweed? Seaweed powder contains a vitamin b12, E and Amino acids. These natural ingredients absorb impurities and cause your skin to be so soft!

If you follow the directions on the container for the seaweed wrap it can help reduce cellulite.

I used it as a mask, I added water to make a paste like consistency and applied it to my face until it dried.

I am not going to lie, it smells terrible, I mean it IS seaweed. If you add a drop off essential oil into your mixture it will offset the smell and make it more tolerable.

As a result of using this my skin felt very soft and smooth and my skin has an overall appearance of being brighter.

Find it HERE on

**I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.


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