Petunia Skincare Professional Makeup Brushes

When this 12 piece set arrives it comes in a case that is a faux snake skin type of pattern. The brushes are pink and black. As far as the quality I would consider these mediocre, the fact that it comes with a sponge applicator ( I NEVER use sponge applicators) makes me feel like this would be a good set for beginning makeup lovers.

Here are the type of brushes included:

  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Fan brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyebrow blush
  • Eyeliner blush
  • Sponge applicator
  • Lip brush
  • Spoolie brush


My favorite brushes in this kit are the fan brush, it’s a small fan brush great for adding my highlight, the spoolie brush is great for combing my eye brows before or after your eye brow makeup, the eyeliner brush is PERFECT for my gel eyeliner and the slanted powder brush is great for adding my contour.

Do I recommend this set? Hmmm, I think this would be a good set for the beginning makeup lover in your life, the set includes everything you need to start…. but I would not pay the price they are asking for these, which is about $48.00. If these were to come up on sale I would grab them though!

If you are interested in learning more about these brushes check them out HERE on


**I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review, the opinions I expressed are 100% my own.



YALMEH Foundation Brush

As many of my readers know I am obsessed with makeup! I was very excited to review this foundation brush!

Here is what I have learned….


  • It makes my foundation easier to apply
  • Blends smoothly, no streaks
  • The bristles are very soft (they are synthetic)
  • The brush did not lose its softness after washing
  • So far no shed
  • Bristles are fine and flexible
  • Great for the small spaces under the eyes and around the nose

This brush is also great for mineral foundation, bronzer, contouring, highlighting and for your blush!

They also offer whole makeup brush sets *swoon* I would love to collect them all!

Find it HERE on

**I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review

Paula Dorf’s Aztec City Palette & Teal Mascara – I’m in love :)

Eyeshadow palettes make my heart go pitter patter.  Paula Dorf’s Aztec palette did not disappoint.  This set comes with 5  colors to create a perfect look.  2 beautiful neutral mattes, a lilac shimmer, a light blue shimmer with gold undertones and a creamy white shimmer perfect for highlighting.

pd1 pd2

I collect palettes and in comparison to most of the high end palettes I own this has much better quality of eyeshadows.

These are some of the softest most buttery feeling shadows I have experienced.  This is definitely a high end palette and worth every penny.

This palette comes in a sleek black mirrored case and also includes a nice double ended brush.  I don’t usually end up using the brushes in my palettes but this one is highly functional with great quality.

This palette breaks out of the strictly neutral palette fad to create a possibility of many looks with only five shades.

I created a beautiful look with this and with my primer the shades lasted all day.  The darker shades are highly pigmented and the lighter shades are buildable.  As I said before the shades are so soft and buttery and they blend like a dream.

I also love the Paula Dorf mascara in teal.  I put this on the end of my lashes for a subtle pop of color.

I high reccomend this palette! And you know how I feel about makeup.  These eyeshadows make me swoon!

Check out the palette HERE.  If you decide to purchase this use the promo code TEAL at checkout for a free teal mascara

*disclaimer* I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review. This is my 100% honest opinion. This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker

One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Tins + Giveaway

Makeup and One Direction! It’s every fan tween and teens dream! You can now purchase limited edition makeup tins, there are five tins to choose from, one for each band member!


These makeup tins are inspired by One Direction Fans and created by Markwins. They come in cute collector tins! Each tin contains the same kit!


The eye shadows are:

  • Nobody Compares – Metallic Silver
  • Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
  • Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
  • I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
  • Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
  • Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

You also receive an eye pencil

  • I Want – Matte Black

The following lip glosses

  • Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
  • One Thing- Frosted pink ice
  • Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
  • Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine
  • Over Again – Silver glitter sparkle, a top coat for your glosses

And what’s makeup without your perfect mani? These kits also include two nail polishes!

  • Stole My Heart – Magneta pink shimmer
  • Alive – Multi colored glitter flakes

I love the eye shadow, it is VERY creamy and highly pigmented as you can see by my swatches.

The glitter lip gloss is very sparkly, which is great, I love all things that glitter.

These tins provide you with almost everything you need to create a full makeup look, just add some mascara and you are set!

These are affordable and will make a great gift for the One Direction fan girl in your life, or get one for yourself! Check out the One Direction Makeup Facebook Page! 

You can purchase these tins at the following stores:

  • Sears USA
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Walmart Canada

OR you can enter a chance to win a set of your very own by entering HERE!

*disclaimer* I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review. This is my 100% honest opinion. This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker

One Direction Makeup Kits! + Giveaway

If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday for your tween or teen look no further. One Direction has its own makeup line! This is a great makeup line for youth and celebrates bold, neon colors and UV reflective cosmetics.


Electro Glam Mascara

These mascaras come in three shocking colors

  • Shock of Blue
  • Pinkest Hot Pink
  • Amped Canary yellow



You can use these on your eyelashes or spread them through your hair for a pop of fluorescent color! These colors are very buildable! Trying adding a bit to the tips of your lashes for a subtle pop of color or use them on your whole lash for a vibrant look!

Liquilights Glow Gloss

These black light reflective lip glosses come in three colors that are great for a super pretty sparkle or, if shown under black light they will glow!

These glosses are also packed with vitamin e and other natural oils to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

This kit comes with three colors!

  • Through the dark is a red poppy color that glows red-orange under black light
  • Kiss You is an orange color that glows neon yellow under black light
  • Taken is a pink glitter gloss that glows neon orange under black light


When I was a teen I LOVED black lights! I had black light posters and glow in the dark stars, I would have loved neon black light makeup! This is going to be the perfect gift for my teenage nieces this holiday season.

Rock Me Nail Kit

Black light reflective nail polish with black light reflective nail glitter to top off your mani!

This kit comes with three nail colors and three glitters!

  • Happily is a UV iced blue glitter
  • Moments is a UV neon pink
  • Diana is a UV 3D Holographic polish

Your glitter toppings are

  • Kicks is a UV snow cone blue
  • Not Afraid is a UV electrified pink glitter
  • Star is a UV holo glitter


These three One Direction Makeup kits hits the stores on November 15th just in time for the holiday season, you can find these kits at the following stores.

  • Macy’s
  • Dillards
  • Boscov’s
  • Stage Stores
  • Beauty Brands
  • Lord & Taylor

OR… WIN YOUR OWN SETS! Enter HERE for a chance to win these sets for yourself or for that special teen in your life! Want to learn more, check out the MakeupbyOneDirection Facebook Page.

*disclaimer* I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review. This is my 100% honest opinion. This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

I spend a LOT of time on social media. I am in several groups involving makeup because I am a makeup addict and I need to know I’m not alone! I heard of a company a few months ago called Younique and everywhere I see pictures of their 3D fiber lashes. I’ve seen great pictures and I’ve also seen horrible pictures, I have heard great reviews and awful reviews.

So this piqued my curiosity because the good pictures? They were great! And it seemed like such an new innovative idea I felt like I needed to find out myself.

A wonderful Younique representative was kind enough to let me review the 3D Moodstruck Fiber Lashes, and here are my thoughts.

First off, the packaging is exquisite. 2 mascara looking tubes come packaged in a sturdy case that looks very similar to an eye glass case.  It is 30 dollars for this mascara, so to see it come in such nice packaging is a great thing.

lashes1 lashes2

I read the directions, one coat of mascara, one coat of transplant gel, a coat of fibers, another coat of fiber gel.

Seemed simple enough, and for added length you can repeat the process.

The first tube, the transplanting gel, looks just like regular mascara, that alone did make my lashes long. After applying that, before it dries, you add the fibers. The smaller tube contains the fibers, they are tiny thin pieces that you apply just like a mascara and it extends the length of  your eyelashes but most of all makes them look very thick and full.

So here is what I learned, DON’T repeat the process. Do it right the first time. To be honest with you, you probably won’t get the first application correct, you need to try this a few times before you perfect it.

But me, being who I am, decided to push the envelope and see how big and bad I could make my lashes be. After going over them the second time they became really clumpy and reminded me of those bad pictures I saw online.

So I washed it off and tried again.

This time my results were phenomenal. As you can see in the picture below.


I can understand why people are turned off by this product because of the pictures people are posting. It is all because they aren’t applying it correctly. So here are a few tips to get the most out of your 3D Fiber Lashes.

  • Start with only one eye, do only one eye at a time
  • Apply only a very small layer of your regular mascara, do not do a second coat
  • Comb your eyelashes with an eyelash comb after you put on your mascara
  • Apply a nice layer of the transplanting gel, if any clumps appear comb with eyelash comb
  • Apply fiber lashes BEFORE it dries!
  • Apply transplanting gel again, make sure it coats all the fiber lashes or you will have fall out!

And that’s it! Your eyelashes should look fuller, longer and amazing! Feel free to experiment, feel free to push the envelope as I did, you may end up with different results!

For more information please check out  and if you are interested in purchasing please contact Kim Gaudi

Red Apple Lipstick Cosmetics

EEK! If you know me you know how much I LOVE makeup. I get unnaturally excited over painting my face with cosmetics. I got the privilege to review a couple products from Red Apple Lipstick and once again, I am in loveeeee!

First, a little info on the company itself….

They pride themselves on their non toxic cosmetics that are free of gluten, parabens, soy, lead and animal by products. They do not test on animals nor do their suppliers, and they are very careful about cross contamination and stand behind being 100% gluten free!

It makes me feel GOOD to use cosmetics with these attributes and the payoff is great! I wish all makeup companies were like this.

So here is what I got and what I freaking LOVE.

I received the lipstick color Beach Peach. It’s goes on lightly so you can either have a nice light peach shimmer on your lips, or build it up for a better color payout. It’s still light, even with a few layers but it’s so pretty and compliments a smokey eye! The lasting power is awesome and the vitamin E enriched formula left my lips feeling soft even after it faded away.

It came in this cute canvas pouch
It came in this cute canvas pouch

red apple lip

The second product I got was a lip gloss in Pink Martini. Its SOO pretty and pink. It’s a shimmery sparkly pink, semi sheer gloss. This also has a smooth almost butter like feel to the formula. I don’t know about you but I HATE sticky lip glosses, this is NOT sticky. This is so gorgeous, and even better it looks great over my Beach Peach lipstick.

You MUST check out their products. Visit their site at