Erase by Luxurience

In previous blog posts, I have covered the importance of using moisturizers, serums, toners and sun blocks, but I have yet to go over while exfoliating is also an important factor of your skin care routine.

Getting older means we have to tend to our skin more, the process of skin cell regeneration slows down, which means our skin cells are shedding slower. The old skin cells can leave your skin looking dull, dry and rough. Exfoliating helps shed those old cells to reveal healthier, brighter skin. It also removes blackheads and helps fade acne scarring.

I was recently sent a great product to review called Erase Luxurience. This exfoliating scrub is non-greasy and contains tiny crystals to help gently buff away your dead skin cells, dry skin and clogged pores.


The smell is light and not overpowering, it has a fine texture so you don’t have to worry about it being over abrasive for sensitive skin.

I have used this twice a a week for the last month, and I’m seeing results already! I use it on damp skin and scrub in circular motions for 2 or 3 minutes.

My face started looking brighter immediately. The overly large pores on my nose seem to be shrinking and I can no longer see dry patches on my cheeks.

They also send a free sample of moisturizer when  you purchase this product!

I plan on continuing using this product, and I recommend it! You can find it HERE on

*disclaimer* I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.


JoMaMi’s Creations!

I was recently sent some wonderful products in exchange for a review, handcrafted almond body cream, and almond sugar scrub.

almond cream and scrub

Of course the first thing I did when I received these was to open up and smell them. Oh…my… goodness… my nose was delighted.  It has this sweet almond smell that and I couldn’t wait to lather this all over myself!

The lotion is thick and creamy, it absorbed right into my skin and left me feeling soft and smelling delicious.  It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba and almond oils.


The sugar scrub… mmmm…. It smelled like I was in the kitchen baking instead of in the shower. It’s made from real sugar and it smells as amazing as the body cream.

I used this scrub all over and have been using it everyday on my feet. My feet are still recovering from the summer months of flip flop wearing and they are close to becoming baby feet again! It also worked great when I exfoliated my legs.


I love that this is handmade and natural ingredients were used, paraben free and cruelty free!  The customer service is absolutely wonderful.

Head over to the website and check out her products, she also makes beautiful handmade jewelry!

Let me tell you about Laline

Ever find a product that makes you feel luxurious? If you haven’t you should splurge on some products from this wonderful company.

I have three products from this company, all of which I love, but I am going to save my favorite product for last.

The first thing are makeup remover wipes. I need these in my life for those nights I am just too damn lazy to take off my makeup, but not taking off my makeup feels like an ultimate sin. These work so well to quickly remove all the makeup and impurities from the day off of your face. The scent is so delightful! I love how the package is designed, it top slides across for easy access to your wipes. These are great for lazy nights and travel.

makeup remover

My step daughter loves bath time, Laline offers a product line for young girls. I received a body wash called Foam Fatale. It’s so cute! It looks like a big bottle of mousse. She loves spraying this on her wash cloth, it comes out in giant pile of pink fluffy foam and it smells like baby powder. Perfect scent for her since she is only 2.

foam fatale

foam fatale 2

And last, but not least I also have their body scrub in Coconut Verbena. OMG, the smell.. I am pretty sure my nose might have had an orgasm because my eyes roll into the back of my head every time I take a whiff. It smells like sweet coconut and I am not sure what other scents makeup this wonderful stuff but I am in love. It rubs into your skin gently exfoliating and leaves behind a slight oil that permeates into your skin and leaves it feels soft after your shower or bath. This is where the word luxury comes in  because I feel absolutely luxurious and spoiled when I use this product. It comes in many scents and I wish I could have them all!

laline coconut scrub

So don’t take my word for it, try it out. Check out their website! I promise you won’t be disappointed!