T-Rex Room Guard with Motion Sensor

This is a great gift for a little boy (or girl) in your life that loves dinosaurs!
This T-Rex dinosaur toy is a great figure just to collect but it does some pretty cool stuff.

This is so perfect for your kids room! It has a motion sensor that detects when someone is coming in and it lets out a mighty roar, five different roars in fact so you don’t get bored of the same sound. It also has a built in trembler alert. If this starts to annoy you parents, no worries, you can switch it off.
Even COOLER is the fact that once you turn the lights down, your child’s T-Rex toy turns into a projector! It projects 24 different realistic images on to the wall. Three disks come with the toy to alternate between dinosaurs.
So I became the coolest person ever when I gifted this to the special little man in my life. We set it up in his room and he was eager to see the dinosaurs. It works absolutely great. I recommend facing it towards a white wall to get the best image quality.
He also loves the motion detector, he now thinks his room is a top secret space and every time he hears his dino roar he goes running to see who’s in his room! Usually it’s just me, but it has startled me a few times lol. He likes it when I tell him how scary his T-Rex is and it will keep him protected.
He is really enjoying this toy and I am enjoyed seeing his eyes light up when he received it.
You can find it HERE on Amazon.com

I received this product in an exchange for an unbiased review.

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