Precision Digital Scale – Great for Dieting

It’s very important for me to regulate my diet because I have diabetes. I have found the weighing my food helps control how much I am eating and helps me count my carbs and calories.
I use apps on my smart phone where I record how much food I am consuming. With this scale I am able to accurately count the calories I am eating.
This precision digital scale has not failed me, over the last month I have lost 7 pounds and I think this has been very helpful in aiding me shed the weight.
The name of the scale is spot on, it is very precise. You can set the mode to use whatever measurements you prefer, I prefer ounces but you can set it to grams as well.
It has a large but lightweight bowl that comes with the scale. The bowl makes it easy to weigh larger food items. If you don’t prefer the bowl, you can also weigh your items directly on the scale.
It weights items up to 4lbs and has an easy to read display with blue high contrast back lights.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in losing weight by counting their carbs and calories!

Find it HERE on

*disclaimer* I was provided this product in exchange for an unbiased review.


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