Hello by Harvey Prince Shampoo and Conditioner Set + Giveaway

Hello! Hello! HELLOOOOOO! Now that I have your attention HI! I’m SO excited to be working with Harvey Prince again! This time they were kind enough to send me full size bottles of their Hello Shampoo & Conditioner set to review and share with you. If you haven’t smelled their Hello fragrance you are missing out, it is my favorite scent from their line (I have tried quite a few but not all).

Let me take you on a journey… imagine yourself laying on a Hawaiian beach, pink plumeria and forsythia flowers blossoming all around the island. You are sipping fresh squeezed lemon aid and snacking on plump, juicy mandarin oranges.  Close your eyes and imagine the scent that envelopes the air.

Bottle that scent and you have Hello by Harvey Prince. Now, not only can you buy this as a perfume, you can buy this as a shampoo and conditioner to make your hair smell freaking delicious.

This shampoo and conditioner doesn’t stop at the wonderful scent. I am so impressed on how my hair was after just ONE use. The softness…ohhh the softness. I could not stop touching my hair after using this.

This product promises to restore and repair damaged hair. I believe it. It calmed my frizz, made my hair shine and like I mentioned before, made it oh so soft.

I use products in my hair to tame my frizz, a lot of these are oily serums and they tend to weigh down my hair after a few days. This shampoo stripped all the buildup and left my hair so soft and light feeling.  It is one of the BEST shampoo and conditioner sets I have ever used.

They come in 12oz bottles with a convenient pump for easy application. At $22 per bottle it is on the pricier end but you get your money worth with this high end, luxurious formula. Their website allows you to buy a nice deluxe size sample for only $1.00! Check out their website HERE. They also have great deals on their awesome perfume line.

So how about trying a set for free? Enter my giveaway for a chance to win one of three sets I am giving away! THREE winners will be announced! Those winners will be chosen on Tuesday November 25th!

Enter my giveaway down below! And don’t forget to check Harvey Prince out on Instagram!

Hello By Harvey Prince Shampoo and Conditioner Giveaway

38 thoughts on “Hello by Harvey Prince Shampoo and Conditioner Set + Giveaway

  1. OMG! I didnt know there is a shampoo and conditioner in this scent! I got sample in my BB last month and I fell in love with it. I cant even imagine my hair smelling like the perfume!!

  2. I have never had the chance to try Harvey Prince products but these sound wonderful.
    I would love to be able to try this set for my hair.


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