The Naked Bee

I’m sure you have heard of the Naked Bee right? If not you are MISSSING out.  This company was kind enough to send me some items to sample and review. They sent me three amazing products that you should probably buy. Like seriously, this company rocks. Their products are natural, high end and VERY affordable!

naked bee

Their products contain natural ingredients that are paraben free, no dyes, pigments and the best part in my opinion, they DO not test on animals!

So let’s talk about some products! The summer season wreaked havoc on my feet since I wear sandals all summer. They needed a little pampering and The Naked Bee Foot Balm is just what they needed. First off it smells delightful, it is orange blossom honey scented. It comes in a handy twist up tube, almost looks like a giant size tube of chap stick. This packaging is handy, it makes it easy to rub the balm all over your feet.  It has a soft texture and soaks into your dry feet.  I use this a few times a week and have noticed my feet have become softer and less dry. I use this in the evening before I sleep, because it does make your feet rather slippery. It is best to slather it on and relax.

Another product, also which I love, is the Hand and Cuticle Salve. This salve comes in a small tin (so perfect for your purse) it is a thick, creamy salve that you use on your dry hands and cuticles. My honey works hard and his hands get very dry. Since using this his hands have became much softer. I like using this on my cuticles. Did I mention this also smells great?

My favorite out of the three products I tried is the Orange Blossom Body Butter. This body butter has an ultra rich formula that smells absolutely delicious! The reason why I love this so much is it really soaks deep into my skin. It glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly, it is not sticky. Although it is thick, it feels whipped and silky.

They have an abundance of products, and I plan on trying more. They also sell candles!

Check out their site HERE!

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