Original Sprout Miracle Detangler

They aren’t wrong when they call this Miracle Detangler because that’s what it is to me. I have long, thick, wavy hair that tangles up even when I am brushing it. I am SO impressed by this product. Just a few sprays in my hair and I can run a brush right through it.


Not only does it take the tangles out, it acts as a leave in conditioner and my hair feels soft all day.

The best thing about this though is the ease of brushing a toddlers hair. She hates having her hair brushed, she cries, screams, wiggles and whines. I used this on her hair and she insisted on brushing it herself, she’s 2, she’s not going to do a good enough job brushing her hair right? WRONG she brushed it herself! In under a minute she had all the tangles out and gave me an “I told you so” look when she was done.

Talk about taking a chore of out of my life! I was debating on cutting my hair short until I found this product. Not anymore, Rapunzel hair, here I come!

Seriously, this product saved my sanity! Find it at https://www.originalsprout.com/ and check out their other family friendly hair care products!

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