Red Apple Lipstick Cosmetics

EEK! If you know me you know how much I LOVE makeup. I get unnaturally excited over painting my face with cosmetics. I got the privilege to review a couple products from Red Apple Lipstick and once again, I am in loveeeee!

First, a little info on the company itself….

They pride themselves on their non toxic cosmetics that are free of gluten, parabens, soy, lead and animal by products. They do not test on animals nor do their suppliers, and they are very careful about cross contamination and stand behind being 100% gluten free!

It makes me feel GOOD to use cosmetics with these attributes and the payoff is great! I wish all makeup companies were like this.

So here is what I got and what I freaking LOVE.

I received the lipstick color Beach Peach. It’s goes on lightly so you can either have a nice light peach shimmer on your lips, or build it up for a better color payout. It’s still light, even with a few layers but it’s so pretty and compliments a smokey eye! The lasting power is awesome and the vitamin E enriched formula left my lips feeling soft even after it faded away.

It came in this cute canvas pouch
It came in this cute canvas pouch

red apple lip

The second product I got was a lip gloss in Pink Martini. Its SOO pretty and pink. It’s a shimmery sparkly pink, semi sheer gloss. This also has a smooth almost butter like feel to the formula. I don’t know about you but I HATE sticky lip glosses, this is NOT sticky. This is so gorgeous, and even better it looks great over my Beach Peach lipstick.

You MUST check out their products. Visit their site at

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