Crave Naturals Eyebrow & Eyelash Kit – SO Excited about this!

My love for this company is steadily increasing over their packaging alone! I am a sucker for packaging. I am guilty of buying something simply because it comes wrapped in a pretty package. Crave is so clever in their packaging it makes me want every product they have to offer.

The tools come packaged in the cute tube
The tools come packaged in the cute tube

Guess what? Their products are just as awesome as what they come in.  Last time, I got the Whip Lash Eye Lash curler, you can read my review here. This time I received their eyebrow kit!

It comes with two awesome tools to help me maintain my sorry excuse for eyebrows. The first tool has a comb to help me separate my clumpy ass eye lashes. Even with the best mascara you can get, it’s always a good idea to keep a tool to separate your eyelashes. No one wants to see your spider lashes!! On the other side of the comb is a little brush you can use on your lashes, or your eyebrows.

eyebrow kit 2

The second tool, my favorite, has a mascara type applicator on one end, this applicator is great for grooming your eyebrows before you put on your makeup. It gets them looking even and neat, or to help accentuate your arch. The other end is an eyebrow makeup applicator brush. This small brush helps you apply  your eyebrow makeup with precision. I highly recommend this product! Look at the cute tube it comes in! I am saving that, I don’t know why or what I will ever use it for but I am never throwing it away 🙂 Find it HERE on  If for some reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, no worries, they offer a lifetime guarantee!

BUT WAIT! I have a coupon for you! Enter the code QQMSRCOC for 25% off your order!

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