My First Meme Box + Mini Giveaway

I ordered my first Meme Box back a couple months ago because I had a great coupon and was able to purchase the box for only $11.99! I thought, what a great deal to try something every one has been raving about without having to spend a lot of money. Stay tuned at the end I will be offering a mini giveaway for one of the items inside!

If you have yet to hear about Meme box, it is a beauty box full of popular Korean beauty products. This is NOT a subscription box, you go to their website, you purchase a box you are interested in, and they send it to you.

Today I present to you….

memebox closedmemebox openpaper

Memebox – Girls Night Out #23

The Cost: $23 + $6.99 shipping (one-time cost) I used a code when I got this that brought it down to $11.99

Wow what a cute little package, a hot pink box (my favorite color) packed full of beauty items. HECK YEAH! I was excited to dig into this box and see what I got!

nail polish

Two nail polishes, N.S.M Special Nail Lacquer, valued at $10.00 a polish. Although, I am not a big nail polish junkie, I loved these two colors. The orange is my favorite because I don’t own any orange polish, I thought this would be great for the upcoming fall season. I also got purple, you cant go wrong with purple. I only applied one coat to my thumb nails to test the color, and the colors are so vibrant and shiny. I love them. The price of one polish is almost worth what I paid for the entire box.

hair stink

Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume, Soft Soap Fragrance, valued at $3.00 for the full size. I really was intrigued with this product, a hair perfume designed to freshen your hair up after a long night out.  That sounds interesting… the smell, however, not so awesome. It reminds me of cheap hand soap. This is a total dud for me and is going in my gift pile.


Croquis Dual Concealer, valued at $32.00 (wow!) I am pretty excited about this concealer, I use concealer everyday so I know this will be a win for me. One side of the package uses a doe foot applicator for spot concealing and the other side is a brush applicator which I think will be great for highlighting! AND it is considered an “anti-aging” concealer. Bonus points!


Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone (rollerball) Perfume in Pink Angel, valued at $12.00. Woo hoo a perfume… I was excited… “WAS” excited… This perfume is overwhelming with the scent of flowers. I barely used any to test it and I had to wash it off right away because it was too strong for me. I am sensitive to smells and they give me headaches if they aren’t light. This might be great for someone who is interested in flowery scents but its just not for me.

lip onelip2

Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow, valued at $23.00! How cute is this packaging? It’s adorable. I received such a cute pinky coral color. It glides on so smooth and is moisturizing. This is a definite win for me, I LOVE the color.

shadow liner

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line. Valued at $18.00. This is my absolute favorite item in the box and made the box worth the money I spent on it. This is a soft golden shimmery brown liquid liner, the card describes it as an eye shadow  but it has the applicator of an eyeliner,  you can use it as both. I couldn’t wait to try this, it looks so pretty on my brown eyes and has amazing staying power. Definite win!

And last but not least…


Secet-Stargirl S-Style 2set False eyelashes, valued at $11.00. I am kind of at a loss for words when I look at these falsies. They are very… dramatic… not my style unless I am playing dress up for Halloween maybe?

Overall I got my moneys worth and then some with this box which values at $109.00. I only paid $11.99!

Do you want to discover your own Memebox? Look for a box to suit your style HERE.  COUPON: Use code “U24R” to get $5 off any order (limit one use per customer, expires August 31st, 2014)

So what do you guys think about those crazy lashes? Would you wear them? If so on what occasion would you wear them? Like my Facebook page and leave me a comment answering that question. On September 6th I will randomly select a winner and send them to you!

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Please comment down below on my blog  your answer on what occasion would you wear those falsies? US residents only.

Congratulations to my winner Bethany Daniels! You’re going to rock those lashes on Halloween 😉

30 thoughts on “My First Meme Box + Mini Giveaway

  1. I am OBSESSED with memebox. Love this box! I’m waiting for someone to get it and will be buying it from her! If it ever does get “unstuck” in shipping (been stuck at acceptance since dang Aug 5!!! I think the lashes r super cute. Just not particularly wild about lashes… I’m hopeless at doing them. Lol. Ur blog is looking fabulous!!

  2. I seriously loved this Memebox! Fortunately, I enjoyed the perfume A LOT, but it definitely is strong…one small swipe is all you need! I can’t wait to get even more Memeboxes in. 🙂

  3. Oooooh the lip tint/ lip stick is gorgeous. Love it.
    I would totally wear those to a 70s/80s themed party. I mean I would throw a party and show them off. Lol. I love the parties.

  4. I wear falsies all the time and I would rock them on an evening out with Hubby. He wouldn’t notice the falsies, just that the eyes are different, bigger (I have small eyes). I’d love to win them! Nice box, I wish I would have ordered it! Is the concealer very light?

  5. Thank You So Much for this Chance to Win Such an Amazing Beauty Giveaway! I Know this Sounds Strange but When I am Feeling Sad or Depressed I Like to Get All Dressed Up & It Always Seems to Help Cheer Me Up! I Would Put on these Fierce Lashes with a Sultry Eye Shadow Look & Sexy Red Lips! If that Can’t Get you Out of a Funk than I don’t know what Will! Thanks Again & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  6. I would wear the lashes just to wear them! I love being different and standing out from the crowd & most of the time I get a lot of compliments on just that…I don’t do it for attention but just to show people I’m an individual & my own person who likes my own style…plus it keeps me feeling young too 🙂

  7. I would wear the lashes just to wear them! I love being different and standing out from the crowd & most of the time I get a lot of compliments on just that…I don’t do it for attention but just to show people I’m an individual & my own person who likes my own style…plus it keeps me feeling young too

  8. I would let my teenage daughter have them as a Christmas present. She loves to Cosplay and these would be perfect for her!!!!!

  9. I am Excited for this Giveaway b/c I Could Absolutely Use Everything in the Meme Beauty Box! I am Scraping the Very Bottom of my Concealer Tube Right Now and I am a Huge Aromatherapy Fan; I Will Not But Anything Unless it Smells Good! I Don’t Know how Long the Lashes are but I Would Wear them Everyday, even if I Had to Trip them Down Some! I Barely have any Lashes because of my Thyroid, especially on the Bottom! My Hair Comes Out in Clumps in the Shower and My Lashes & Eye Brows have Definitely Become Super Thin! There’s Not a lot I Can do About My Hair but I Fill My Brows in & I Can Wear False Lashes if they are Not Uncomfortable! Thanks Again for this Giveaway & Have a Blessed Day, Jana

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