The Aloe Source Sample Pack


UPDATE: They are no longer sending samples but offering a 20% off coupon when you email them. They may just need to replenish their stock.

I have been in the market for a new skincare line and I have found some products through the Aloe Source which I am adoring! I heard about this company on Facebook and decided to email them and see if they offered samples.

They were so generous that they sent me samples out within a few short days. I got a deluxe size sample of cleansing polish, luminosity masque, antioxidant cream and a FULL size Lip Therapy lip balm made with Aloe Vera and coconut oil (Valued at $8.00!!). It came packaged in a cute little bag. I was surprised because they never wrote me back to say they were sending me samples but a few days after receiving them I got an email asking how I liked their products. I was able to give them great feed back because I LOVE THEM.


The first thing I was excited about was the Lip Therapy lip balm. I had just got back from a day soaking up the sun and my face and lips were sun burnt. I used the lip balm and fell in love, it relieved my symptoms right away and left a soft buttery texture on my lips. I put on the antioxidant cream next, the smell… oh the smell was delightful… it was so light and refreshing. I used this one my face and immediately could feel the softness. It felt very luxurious.

I used the rest of the products throughout the week and I really love them! Do you want to try them too? Here is the email contact of the Aloe Source, write them an email and express your interest in trying their products. They have made a customer out of me, as soon as my lip balm runs out I am purchasing more, I am not sure how I ever lived without it.

*Although I received these samples free to try, this is my 100% honest opinion.


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